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Word Of The Week: "Tools"

Last week in the weekly Zoom session I held, I talked to the group about the word “tools.”

Have you ever had a job where you were working at it so hard? You were doing an okay job, doing the right things, but felt that it was way more difficult to complete the task at hand than it really needed to be?

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself putting tablecloths on some tables that were going to be used by vendors at a festival. It was a very windy day, so I had to tape down the plastic, flimsy tablecloths. I was given tape to achieve this task but the tape was old, brittle, hard to use, and didn’t work that well at all. There I was, completing the task (slowly and getting ever so frustrated with it, only to turn around and see the tablecloths blowing in the wind and the tape that I had just placed flapping in the wind too!)

One of the vendors there had seen my struggle and said that he had some tape to help me out. He grabbed the tape for me, and what a difference was made! The tape was smooth, easy to peel, and definitely stickier! Someone had said, “It’s amazing what you can do with the right tools.”

What a true statement that is!

When I created Mindful Audio Focus, I too was looking for the right tool to practice, hone my craft, and work to become a better realtimer than I was yesterday. I knew there were many tools out there (i.e. YouTube, TV, websites with dictations, etc.) I tried them all, but I always felt like something was missing.

So, I began to play around with audios, words per minute, speech patterns, etc. I know that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to speedbuilding, dictionary building, honing skill, and achieving speed goals. So I created a system that incorporates different crucial aspects of speech-to-text translation.

  • Trailing - There are many speedbuilding philosophies that swear by the process of “staying on top of the speaker.” While, yes, this is a very important aspect, it is not the only tool that should be practiced. With Mindful Audio Focus, I have manipulated the audio in such a way that helps you train to stay behind the speaker. This helps build memory as well as comprehension for what is being said – which leads to more confidence, speed, and accuracy.

“Slow Is Strong. Speed Is Earned.”

  • Slow - There are other steno philosophies that swear by the process of “write above your target speed.” Or “write down something for everything.” While, yes, speed is a crucial aspect to this business, so is accuracy. Especially when it comes to realtime. No consumer/client who needs realtime services is going to say, “Well, I couldn’t make any sense of what you were writing but thank goodness you were fast!” So needless to say, speed without accuracy is pretty pointless.

  • Build Confidence - With Mindful Audio Focus, I have created a method of incorporating very slow dictation in order to gain speed. It may sound counterintuitive but it works. And I have had a lot of feedback from others saying that they really enjoy this method of speedbuilding. Not only does this method help you gain speed, it helps you gain confidence. Which is the foundation to speed (aside from being an expert at your theory!)

Remember, if you can’t do it slow, you can’t do it fast!

Come and see what others are discovering and get a hands-on look at the Mindful Audio Focus method. There are weekly live Zoom sessions every Wednesday that start at 6:30 PM CST. But if it is your first time joining a live Mindful Audio Focus session, you can join at 6:00 PM CST so you can take a look around and see the value it has to offer. You will get an inside peek into the exclusive Mindful Audio Focus Workspace Customer Portal. You won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to join the Zoom live sessions, you can book it here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here.

Thank you!

Anna Hargett

Owner and Creator of Mindful Audio Focus

Woman Entrepreneur

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