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**NEW Module Dropped!** - FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

The Federal Government in the United States is responsible for a variety of responsibilities, including national defense, taxation, regulation of interstate commerce, and administration of social programs. Practice to these audios and learn about different departments in the US Federal Government (with all those great acronyms). You will learn about the organizations different roles, duties, and responsibilities. Also practice to sample introductions of fictional guest speakers - at very high speeds, of course! Whether you're new to the captioning workforce or you just want to sharpen your realtime skills then this module is perfect for you! PLEASE NOTE: SPEEDS 160 - 230 WPM NOW AVAILABLE WITH THIS MODULE! This module is now available in a customer workspace portal. You will get access to:

  • Five (5) high-quality audio dictations.

  • Organized audio files within a secure customer login portal, guided practice, programmed faster and slower speeds in a specifically designed format for effective speedbuilding.

  • PDF transcripts (sold separately here)

  • Color Coded Progress Tracker (sold separately here)

When you purchase this module, you will receive a Welcome PDF. Then please keep a lookout for an email (sent to the email address you provided) with an invitation to access your workspace portal. I will also confirm with you which speed level you would like. *Note: By purchasing this package, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Material Subjects Include:

  • Introductions

  • The United States Trade Representative (USTR)

  • The National Park Service (NPS)

If you have questions, please contact me at Thank you! AH Realtime Captions, LLC

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