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**NEW** Bundles of the Month!

Mindful Audio Focus has added something new to the Digital Library.

Now save 30% with our Featured Bundles of the Month

JANUARY - AROUND THE WORLD 🌏Access to five (5) high-quality audio dictations. Roughly 180 WPM. 🌏Organized audio files within a secure customer login portal and guided practice. 🌏Programmed faster and slower speeds in a specifically designed format for effective speedbuilding. 🌏Accompanying PDF transcripts. 🌏Color Coded Progress Tracker. Travel itinerary: - South Dakota Badlands - Busch Gardens - Hotels in Benidorm, Spain - Safari by Moonlight - Vacation in Hokkaido, Japan ✈️🤗

Check it out the new January Bundle here.

Interested in more? Check out all of Mindful Audio Focus products here.

Get your practice on!

AH Realtime Captions, LLC

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