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Emergence of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in Realtime Captioning

I had a colleague of mine talk to me about the growing trend of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) in captions. Well, the truth of the matter is is that AI is here and it is here to stay. Not only that but it is getting better and better.

With that being said, I created the Mindful Audio Focus Method which targets all high-speed captioning students, new stenography graduates, Court Reporters transitioning into CART/Captioning, and all working professionals seeking to sharpen their realtime skills.

AI is only getting better and it is not far behind us. Don't be left in the dust. As a #realtime#captioner, #courtreporter, or #interpreter, your skills have to be top notch. My dictations are designed to help you achieve high-level performance in order to provide the high-quality captions that consumers/clients deserve.

Check it out!

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