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Accuracy.  Speed.  Focus. 

Enhance your comprehension, retention, and focus with our high-quality audio content. Our curated audios utilize advanced techniques to improve neural pathways, enabling you to visualize and accurately translate every word.


Ideal for high-speed captioning students, stenography graduates, and professionals seeking to refine their realtime skills. Mindful Audio Focus offers targeted practice benefiting typists, interpreters, and translation professionals by increasing speed, focus, and accuracy.


With our extensive collection of captivating content, you'll find the practice you need. Mindful Audio Focus provides the most unique and comprehensive audio library for CART/Captioning practice.


Stay engaged with our frequent updates, ensuring new and fresh content every time you visit. Elevate your skills with Mindful Audio Focus today!

Newly Added Audios!

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Mock CRC Live Class

Let's Get Lit!

Are you craving more practice tests to sharpen your skills? Do you want full transcripts to analyze your writing? Your wish is my command! Gain access to a growing collection of practice tests and complete transcripts, along with bonus speedbuilding materials.

Class Sessions
Every Thursday
At 7:00 PM CST


Live Classes

Live Practice Sessions

Get access to live, hands-on practice sessions using the Mindful Audio Focus method.

It's fun, challenging, and a place to get your speedbuilding on!

Live Class Sessions
Every Wednesday
at 6:00 PM CST


Single Dictations

One At A Time

Get access to one full audio, with full transcript, and extra speedbuilding materials at an affordable price.

Let's Do This!

Each dictation comes with a complete transcript so I can analyze my notes and reveal my weaknesses. I believe Mindful Audio Focus will give me the necessary tools to become a confident, strong writer.

Doris B.

Anna Hargett

Realtime CART Captioner

Creator of Mindful Audio Focus

Woman Entrepreneur

My name is Anna Hargett, and I capture the spoken word for the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing community. Armed with my trusty stenographic shorthand machine, I realtime transcribe university lectures, seminars, webinars, meetings, government trainings, and more at 225+ wpm. My work spans across the vast United States and even reaching internationally in the city of Beijing, China.


Residing in the vibrant city of Fort Worth, TX, my work knows no boundaries as I predominantly operate remotely. For nearly a decade, I have honed my skills as a seasoned stenographer, pouring my heart and soul into the art of realtime captions.


I am the owner and creator of the Mindful Audio Focus series, a groundbreaking technique I developed to enhance comprehension, retention, and focus for stenographers, typists, and interpreters alike.

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